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Teamgroup DDR4 Delta 16GB (8x2) 2400 LED

รหัสสินค้า: RAM-TEA-DE168224Bwh

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ราคาปกติ: 6,900 บาท

Special Price 6,350 บาท


New Product


New Product Lifetime Warranty

มีให้เลือก2แบบ ไฟ led สีฟ้า และ สีขาว

Teamgroup DDR4 Delta 16GB (8x2) led Bus2400

VDO แนะนำสินค้าจัดทำโดยทางร้านเราเอง



1. Industry-leading DDR4 overclocking memory
2. High-efficiency forged aluminum heat spreader
3. Breathing LED light
4. 1.2V~1.4V low working voltage that’s both energy saving and low on heat generation
5. Supports XMP 2.0 one click overclocking technology
6. Selected high quality IC chips which passed the strict testing of KT-3M module tester
7. Compatibility verification with mainstream motherboards on the market
8. Lifetime warranty


Product Specifications

Data transfer bandwidth 19,200 MB/s
(PC4 19200)
CL-value CL15-15-15-35
Working voltage 1.2V
Heat Sink Aluminum heat-sink
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


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