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CMSTORM Inferno 2y +แถม

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Model Number SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP
Available Color Black and Grey
Material Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal Plate
Dimensions (L) 120 X (W) 75X (H) 40 mm / (L) 4.7 X (W) 2.9 X (H) 1.6 inch
Net Weight 161.5 g / 0.356 lb
Sensor 4000 DPI Storm Tactical™ Laser Sensor
Polling Time 1.0ms
Button Assignment 11
Onboard Memory 128Kb
Illumination IC controlled Illumination with red lighting effect
X&Y Axis Configuration Independent and programmable
Maximum Tracking Speed 115 IPS
Speed Measurement Real-time
Dynamic Surface Adaptation Tracks on all surfaces, lift-off distance 2mm
Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic
DPI Display LED


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